WordPress Awesome Filterable Portfolio Documentation

If the pictures didn’t show correctly after updating to version 1.6, please deactivate and reactivate the plugin. (Some changes were made to the core code of the plugin)

Create a Portfolio

Once the plugin is installed and activated, through the admin panel:

  1. Create a new category: go to Portfolio Items then choose Add New Category, enter the category name and description and hit the Save button.

    filterable portfolio wordpress

  2. Create a portfolio item: go to Portfolio Items and choose Add New Item, enter all your project details, upload a thumbnail and the main image and click Save. You can add as many as portfolio items as you like, there is no limit.

    filterable portfolio wordpress

    Say that you don’t have a link to your project, you may leave the Project Link field empty and no link to your project will be shown.

  3. Let’s do some magic, add the following shortcode wherever you want (a post or a page) to show the portfolio


By default, the plugin inherits its style from your theme style. So in order to achieve a certain look, you may want to edit your style.css theme’s file. Here are the selectors that you want to add:

.afp-active-cat: edit this class to stylize the active category. The active category is the category on which you have clicked and its elements are displayed
ul#afp-filter li: edit this selector’s rules to edit the portfolio items. You can add border or a background color, you may apply any style you want it won’t affect the way the plug is working.
ul.afp-item-details: edit this class to stylize the portfolio items details (Project Name, Client, Date and the link to the project)

Styling the categories links:
The categories displayed in the portfolio are links, so by default they would have the style defined for links in your theme. To customize them you will need to add the following selector

I will be glad if you check out my photography portfolio 🙂