Creating REST web application and client with PHP

REST web application

Nowadays, web services are the ideal way to exchange data between a web application and another web or mobile application. REST, which stands for Representational State Transfer, is a good architectural choice for communication over the internet. It makes sharing data between different devices and apps easier and simpler compared to other methods like SOAP, […]

How to handle bad reviews?

bad reviews

If you have been doing freelance for a while or running your own business, your online reputation is a crucial factor for clients and customers to decide whether they want to engage with you or buy your products. In fact, 85% of customers seek out reviews before trying out a new business or product. Bad […]

Finding a good web hosting

Finding a good web hosting

Picking a web hosting can be tricky. If you have a friend who can advise you that’s great otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed by thousands of reviews on the web. Finding a good web hosting is a critical step to your business. You need your website to be fast, secure and always available. Through the years, […]

Time ago PHP function

time ago php function

Like most social networks today, instead of displaying the exact date for a post they use a time ago time format. I find it very practical. That helps the user get the information with no need to deal with different date and time formats. You can add the following 2 functions to your php class […]

Happy New Year 2015


Another year has gone. 2014 wasn’t bad to me. I met new people, experienced many places, designed and created things more than before and this coming year is going to be amazing as well. Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all the best. Download the new year PSD banner as a free gift from me 🙂