Jigsaw UI – futuristic CSS Framework

What is Jigsaw UI?

Jigsaw UI is a frontend framework built for the future with backward compatibility in mind. As for now, it features a powerful responsive grid system.

Work is still in progress to add other components to the framework.

Why do you need a grid system?

If you don’t want to use a framework and want to start fresh with the very basics then Awesome Responsive Grid is for you. It features a reset for the most used HTML tags and a responsive grid sytem.


Here is what 3kb of CSS can do:

  • HTML reset
  • 12-column grid system
  • Powerful responsive grid
  • Fixed & Fluid grids layout
  • Works on all browsers including IE8!
  • Built with PostCSS and cssnext

You can download CSS file or you clone the project from Github to tweak the code according to your needs.


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