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How to handle bad reviews?

bad reviews

If you have been doing freelance for a while or running your own business, your online reputation is a crucial factor for clients and customers to decide whether they want to engage with you or buy your products. In fact, 85% of customers seek out reviews before trying out a new business or product. Bad […]

Finding a good web hosting

Finding a good web hosting

Picking a web hosting can be tricky. If you have a friend who can advise you that’s great otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed by thousands of reviews on the web. Finding a good web hosting is a critical step to your business. You need your website to be fast, secure and always available. Through the years, […]

Where Have I Been?

I know I know, I have been pretty lazy. What other reason could there be for me not having a website after more than three years in the industry? For over 3 years, I have been building websites and delivering great designs to clients all around the world. Other than saving the world from bad designs, I […]