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Time ago PHP function

time ago php function

Like most social networks today, instead of displaying the exact date for a post they use a time ago time format. I find it very practical. That helps the user get the information with no need to deal with different date and time formats. You can add the following 2 functions to your php class […]

WordPress custom pagination for Bootstrap


Creating custom pagination in WordPress can be a pain and a time consuming task especially if you are creating a Bootstrap based theme. WordPress echoes pagination as <a> tags while Boostrap styled pagers and pagination use <ul> and <li> tags with predefined CSS classes assigned to these elements. In this tutorial we will cover how […]

Awesome Filterable Portfolio


That’s right, my 1st plugin is now available for free download. Actually, it’s the second plugin I develop for WordPress after the very famous Hello World -I’m keeping it for my personal use since it has a lot of advanced features. Awesome Filterable Portfolio allows designers, photographers and artists showcase their work in a very […]

This is not Magic


It has been a great privilege for me to work on redesigning Rick Amme & Associates’ website. As we learn from every experience, this one was a big step in my career. Creating a classy design and converting it to a full working website that is both beautiful and useful was my aim, and actually I […]